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Alex and Ingrid got married on a warm September afternoon. COVID had seriously threatened their wedding but they were able to lower their guest list and still make it happen. This wedding had some of the most sweet and intimate moments I've ever been apart of in a wedding. The couple had their first look on the top floor of their hotel and then shared the sweetest personal vows between just the 2 of them. No friends or family were aloud in on that part. I had to dry my eyes a few times! We made a stop at Ingrids Nana's house since she wasn't able to make the wedding because of the pandemic and they shared the sweetest first look. This will be a wedding I'll always remember! 


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Fun at the Fair {The Larh Family} I did this session a few years back at our local county fair. Mallory and Courtney responded to my facebook post looking for a fun loving couple to go have some fun at our fair! Id previously shot their wedding and engagement session so I knew what a great couple they were and knew they'd be absolutely the perfect family for this fun lifestyle session! They weren't living in my town and ran into traffic on the way down so by the time they arrived we had little light left but that didn't stop the magic from happening! Plus the sun setting was amazing. I was hoping Id be able to do more of these sessions this year, but with COVID the fair was cancelled. Hopefully next year I will be able to get some family out there for some good ol county fair fun! 

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Hannah + Jeff married Hannah was seriously one of the sweetest brides Ive gotten to work with. I like to meet my couples before their wedding several times but the first time just to make sure we are a good fit for each other. We connected right away and she was someone I felt I'd known for years. Her and Jeff's wedding was in November and was it cold! It had rained for a few days before and it rained the whole morning of the wedding. My drive to the destination was a little over an hour and it rained up until I got about 10 minutes within the location. I was so nervous for them because their ceremony was outdoors. 

Meeting Jeff was just as great as meeting  Hannah. Immediately you could just tell how much he loved his bride to be, and really how much everyone in his family adored her! He could not stop staring at her, and my goodness when he'd tear up so did I! Something they decide to do with both Jeff and Hannah's dad was a first look. I think my glassed stayed fogged up the entire time because I couldn't keep my eyes dry! 

Their evening turned out to be just beautiful and I was so honored to have been able to capture such an important part of their lives together. 

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Tara Senior 2020 Tara was the most adorable senior! We traveled around downtown Casa Grande. Tara's dad is a lineman and she wanted to have something that would represent that in her session. So we searched and found a farm road with some power lines we could have in the back. You wouldn't think that in Arizona you'd have to reschedule sessions so much due to weather but we had to TWICE LOL! The nights sky when we headed to the power lines was a little stormy too and it was still windy out but we made it work in our favor! 

I met Tara 2 years ago doing cheer pictures for her cheerleading team at Casa Grande Union High School. So when her mom reached out to me about doing her senior session I was so excited and knew just how much fun we would have! Originally she is from Louisiana and headed Back there for college. One thing I love to do during my senior portrait sessions is just get to know these kids a little more, find out their future plans and goals. I get so excited to see them succeed and grow. 


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Canute Family! What an adorable and fun family! Reina and I have been friends since we were 4! We met in my first ever dance class. Ive taken their pictures every year since moving back to AZ. Reina has always been one to support my business and shout my name and I cant be any more thankful! She's a Relator here in Scottsdale AZ. I often shoot houses for her when She lists them here in Casa Grande which is so much fun getting to work with her on a different level! 

This year for her session she wanted something that was special to their family. Not just being out in the desert but something that would be unique and significant to her family. I had the great idea to photographing them on top of a parking garage near their home! Reina has an old Mustang she drove in high school that her and her dad restored! She'd said the kiddos had been playing in it a lot lately and I thought what a neat and unique way to capture her family. We were able to have a setting that non of my other clients have had. It was unique to them, special to them and we were able to tell by the mountains around them that they were close to their home! At first Reina was hesitant and like what the heck! A parking garage LOL! But im so glad that she eventually saw my vision and trusted me enough to go though with it! 

Her whole family was such a dream to work with! They always have been, but her 3 kiddos had really come out of their shell this year and were so into the session the entire time! Although these 3 look like triplets, they are in fact a single and boy girl twins! I cant wait for next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. Where we get to continue to come up with fun and exciting locations and where I get to keep watching these cuties grow! I don't know how I will ever be able to outdo this session though! 

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Hannah Senior 2020 Hello everyone! WOW its been YEARS since Ive done a blog post! I thought what better time to share some of the beautiful images from previous sessions over the last year than now. While I'm Safe at home. Hunkered down with my kiddos. As of right now Im not able to shoot any sessions. My business is considered non-essential, as it should be! And so for the safety of my wonderful clients and my own Ive had to post pone all of my upcoming sessions. 

Normally after a session I'll load a sneak peak of the session. anywhere from 1-10 or so images. Blogging the session gives me a chance to share a little more and gives you all a better glimpse into what our sessions look like if you haven't had one with me before or if you have just a chance to see a few more. 

Hannah, a senior this year hired me for your senior portrait session. She's a country girl and in 4-H. She wanted something that looked a little rustic and a little different. We used our down town area in Casa Grande. Plus headed out to one of my favorite mountain spots for some cactus and a beautiful sun set! Lots of times, in the evening downtown the sun is very harsh so Im not able to shoot in as many spots as we were this day. Our town is smaller and has limited spaces to find to shoot in and make them unique to each individual but I do try very hard to find a new little nook in the area to give it something different. On this particular day, when we started the session is was very overcast so we didn't have to worry so much about the direction of the sun and we were able to take advantage of some areas Im normally not able too. Hannah was a natural! Striking poses and really feeling the whole session. If clients aren't comfortable doing that, its ok because I will take you through poses, positions, hand placement. ect. We spent the first half hour walking around the old part of town before we headed to the desert. I like to keep moving, and keep walking so we can get a verity of looks and styles during each session. 

My heart aches for these seniors that have had the end of their years called off and won't get to complete their year with their classmates. However all of them have been so bright, and funny with big goals for their future so I know this little bump in the road isn't going to hold them down! 


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{Nicole+Ryan} {Ryan+Nicole}

This adorable couple hired me after several of their friends recently had me photograph their families. They requested a beach shoot at their favorite beach, which I was excited for! Surprisingly and as I'm writing this Im also prepping to leave in a few hours to head out for another beach shoot LOL but surprisingly I don't do a lot of beach shoots! Im not sure why, because I love the beach here and its always so beautiful! Anyway, towards the end of Nicole and Ryan's session a storm rolled in, over the ocean and we got to watch lightening off in the distance! This couple was so cute and made ever image just perfect! 

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{Curtis-Senior Session} In May of 2012 my husband and I lost one of our best friends and most incredible people we have ever known. Wade was killed in Afghanistan and was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star. It was one of the most difficult times in my life. My husband was still in Afghanistan doing the same job Wade was killed doing. I was home with my two children, thousands of miles away from family and my husband. My community of military family was all that got me through. Wade was a part of our family and in loosing him, Wade's family has become part of our family.
I have made several trips by myself as well as with my husband and kids to Wade's home town of Centerville Tx. Centerville is a picture of America, and the people that live there represent the best in this country of ours. A few weeks ago I was honored to be invited to yet again spend time with this great family, and to take senior pictures of Wade's youngest brother Curtis. We shot on a few different days, in-between some shopping, site seeing and Curtis going hunting or doing whatever 18 year old boys do. Every time we went to shoot is was a struggle to get any serious shots because the two of us were hysterically laughing. There is no doubt that Curtis is Wade's brother, both goofy as heck and two of the funniest people I have ever met, but at their heart, kind and lovers of life. It was so much fun to see the similarities in the brothers, but I saw a spark in Curtis that is uniquely his own. I would give anything to have Wade back in our lives, but I would never give up the gift of the people that he put into my life. I hope that my photos captured you as you had hoped Curtis. I only wish everyone that sees them could have had as much fun as I did shooting them. Wade Wilson Memorial

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{Danielle and Garrett} There are people in life that you instantly connect with, there are ones that you know will forever be your friend, people who make you laugh and people who immediately know how to pick you up when you're sad! In November 2011 I met one of those people! Danielle was the wife of one of my husband's marines. They weren't going to be able to go home for Thanksgiving, like most military families so my husband invited them over to our house for dinner! A few weeks later our husbands deployed to Afghanistan together which instantly created a bond between us, a friendship and a sisterhood ill forever be grateful for! Ive never met someone so caring and so loving. Someone who know matter the struggle in her own life she's still willing to give up everything to help with the struggle in yours. She is strong, she's beautiful inside and out and Im not sure how Im supposed to move next month, living in a state or a town without her! Our families have become each others families. We've camped together, danced together, had breakfasts, and dinners together, our husbands have even babysat all of our kids for each other time and time again so we could have girls nights or mom breaks, we've shopped, we've relaxed at the beach, we've sat with each other in doctors, or in ER's with sick kiddos, we've laughed until we cried and just plain out cried too! Danielle, miles may separate us soon, but there is no amount of distance that can change the friendship we have! But ill forever miss you being just a drive away!  Thank you for being you, my best friend, my sister and everything else I've needed you to be! 

I had to get in one last session with her and her husband before we move! And it is one of my hands down favorite sessions of all times! I say each year, since you'll need updated pictures we will just have to make a trip some where some how so we can make that session happen, we can pick a different destination each year and explore the country as we do it! !!


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{Baking with the Ferris Girls} The first fall that I lived here in Jacksonville I met the most kind and caring person. She was sweet and kind of quiet when her and her husband, plus their oldest little girl, at the time about 7 months old, came over to our house for Thanksgiving. Just like us, they didn't have family close so my husband invited them over. Little did I know that, that would be the start to one of the best friendships in my life! Our husbands deployed together shortly after that, kind of forcing us into an instant friendship that Im so very thankful for! I quickly learned she wasn't very quiet! But out going, loud and so much fun! Someone who I can call at any hour of the day or night and know she would come save me in a heart beat, who's always down for a good time and who loves me and all my crazy ways! Our friendship turned into a sisterhood and our families have become family! Its been so much fun living here because of her and its been even more fun being able to photograph her family, as the grow and have added to it too! On this specific morning I came over to their house and watched these 3 ladies bake! Something these girlies are so lucky to get to do with their mama so frequently. Its one of their favorite activities to do together, so we decided to document it! Little did she know I was also videoing bits and pieces and made them something extra special to cherish for a lifetime to come! Which you can see here. Aren't the 3 of them just so the cutest! 

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{Watts Family} {Watts Family~February 6,2016}

I Love when I get to work with families year after year and watch them grow and change and what is even more fun is watching them add new little lovies to the family! Ive photographed the Watts family for 4 years now and its so much fun every time! And the newest little member was the perfect little model already! He didn't make a peep the entire time!


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{Welcome} Photo Credit: Jess Kunert Photography

(Photo Credit: Jess Kunert Photography)‚Äč


{Welcome to The Egan Eyes Photography Blog}

I wanted to take a moment to welcome you all to my blog and introduce myself for those of you who don't know me! I wanted to make this space so that you all can see all of my recent work and get a little insight on what its like to be "me". I guess for all intensive purposes you could call me a creature. I love creating and capturing moments through photography, I love painting....mostly cows lol and I love building/refinishing old furniture or pieces that others would see as junk. There is always some sort of project or furniture rearranging going on in my house and it drives my husband nuts! But he loves me anyway! Ive been married just a few months shy of 7 years now. We met through my childhood best friend, fell madly in love, very quickly, got married quickly and had babies quickly too! So quick they are only 13 months apart! I cant imagine any better job in the world than being their mommy! Im also a mom to an adorable fur baby! I hope to share on this blog not only my photography sessions, but bits and glimpses into my crazy life too! My kiddos, my hubby, my puppy, my projects and my love for creating beautiful things! I hope that you enjoy and will check back often! Once again, {Welcome}

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